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Originally Posted by adXok View Post
yes I did assume you might be one of those jazz-snobs.
Also I said that "The point (of music nomenclature) is to be able to write precisely what you have in mind."
That should be applicable to music notations as well.
Especially true with fretted instruments, where you have the E4 note, which you could play on at least 4 different strings (guitar for example).

Otherwise (and I am overly exaggerating it) I might tell you:
"Hey, Goldleap, hear this 5 min. music piece I recorded using these 16 notes (span in more than one octave). Now go and interpret them to play the piece."
I am sure that a skillful musician could learn and play the piece by spending some time listening to the piece (that was how I learned many songs myself), but we are talking about notating a music piece and not... and not interpreting it. I hope the OP was obviously clear about that.
I'm not sure that I completely follow, but I would say that 'interpretation' is part of the whole musical experience on many levels.

Notation, even with say hundreds of dynamics and expression indications is still interpreted by the human playing it.

But are you saying that nomenclature should be separate from this..strictly logical like code or something? Are chord symbols nomenclature or notation? Should a chord symbol indicate strictly a group of notes? In a particular order low to high? In a particular range? That's what the staff is for. Tell me G7 and I'll interpret it according to style, context, voice leading, personal creative choice, etc. G7 to me means thousands of things...that's good isn't it?
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