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Originally Posted by pipelineaudio View Post
I dont understand the toggle function, can it switch between two action states?

Something is screwy with the display for me on chrome when in edit mode, as you resize the screen certain elements grow and parts of them remain hidden. Maybe it could use some scroll bars or something?

Search doesn't seem to do anything in editor

Other than that, so far, so awesome! I love this thing!
This is awesome!

As I was setting up my hardware controller and a separate keypad for short-cuts to use in Vegas for the video editing projects I'm working on, I was thinking to myself..."Wouldn't it be cool if someone developed an app where I could use a tablet as a remote, be able to resize, arrange and label the buttons on the screen of the tablet as I wish, instead of trying to memorize a bunch of CNTRL+SHIFT+ALT+etc keyboard short-cuts, re-assign MCU buttons and trying to create stickers on a keyboard as well as my MCU controller?"

Then low and behold since Reaper development and support is now light years beyond Vegas Pro, here is exactly what I was envisioning as a remote for Vegas Pro....but of course developed for Reaper.

So I now need Reaper to either come up to speed on the video editing features that are in Vegas, or @EpicSounds to make this to support Vegas Pro.
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