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Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
Do you still experience performance problems after this firmware update? If these persist, it's back to suspecting the GPU.
okay, more of this story. I've tested what I got and I still got crackles. performance monitor? nothing. activity monitor? nothing. opened the console and there were mysterious HID errors. weird, I thought, rebooted the machine -- and had no keyboard and mouse on next reboot.

I got it to service (they fixed the same thing more than a year ago by replacing some cable) and hope to get it back fixed soon.

I'll do some testing, however the only thing I feel weird about these crackles -- is that somewhat they were not present with Sierra. I keep both a Sierra and High Sierra backup, so I will be able to test that all again when I'll have the computer repaired.

(yeah, I didn't like Mojave. something with new font rendering looks wrong to me even on a Retina display. I've tried turning fonts smoothening on and off, but still just like High Sierra better. is this the end of Macs for me? IDK yet)
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