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Default Karaoke in reaper****** who can help?

Hey there guys.

There is so much information out there on the audacity
although nothing in reaper on how to create a good karaoke track
with that we mean using a YouTube backing track
in singing over the track.

If there is anyone out there would be able to assist.
One for the level of microphone input from Windows
in the level to set the recording to

And the level for the video U-tube backing track.

Looking very much forward to replies

I have chronic rheumatoid arthritis
and I use this as my pain medium to relax
and share back with.

I have had some success with songs
although I would like a consistent set up
to go to and start singing, so far I believe it's been hit and miss

I have invested in some Mike Mackie studio monitors
if anyone knows how to set up studio monitors help appreciated

I have a professional takstar microphone singing in a kaiotica eyeball
using a USB to XLR converter on my microphone.

Any help towards producing some decent sounds consistently appreciated

Warmly OHO and that simply means others helping others.

Which means if I can help you in return to create marketing videos
animated characters with real voice-overs and different languages

I'm more than happy to assist

Because you like me know this is a great place to get help when required
and always appreciated
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