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Originally Posted by kingriot View Post
Hello mate,
thank you so much for the prompt response tremendously appreciated.
I shall be getting back in the studio tomorrow and will let you know how it goes.
Just to make sure i understood correctly...
by "Two midi devices are presented by the Faderport16 in the input section.
PreSonus FP16 and MIDIIN2 (PreSonus FP16)
For both, make sure they are not configured for control and input. When you're using control surface plugins, you have to keep those two flags clear.

The same applies to the two output devices in the output section on this page.
PreSonus FP16 and MIDIOUT2 (PreSonus FP16)"

do you mean leave those options disabled?

That's right. If any of those two options are ON, you can't use it with a control surface plugin.
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