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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
Note I do not use kxstudio, I run Archlinux and build wine myself. Normally I do use the wine-rt patch with the following statements in the script I use to start reaper.

export WINE_RT=40
export WINE_SRV_RT=40

Note: I think the wine-rt version included in the kxstudio repos is quite old, but maybe it works well for most plugins and that's why he keeps an older version. You can also use winestaging, but then you have to use the STAGING_RT_PRIORITY_BASE & STAGING_RT_PRIORITY_SERVER environment variables instead.

To be honest I have no idea. What packages does it list?

Thank you, that helps a lot!
linux-lowlatency is running and wine-rt is installed, so I'll try it that way.
I have not given up yet and I'll give the WIN VSTs one more chance ;-)
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