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Originally Posted by monty View Post
I think kxstudio (carla) is too buggy at the moment, it's manipulated the hardware settings of my Tascam Midi Surface so I had to reset the hardware settings to default. I have removed all the carla stuff and try w/ airwave now.
Try LinVST instead. I was using Airwave, and then installed LinVST. I had both installed for a while, and set it up so I had two folders of my plugins, one converted by LinVST and the other Airwave. By just renaming the folder I could switch between the two. Doing A/B comparisons on my system, I saw noticeably better performance with LinVST and after a while, removed Airwave. This was on a 2009 Intel i5 with a couple M-Audio 2496 cards. YMMV
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