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the "i just want to make music, not work on computers" crowd is what keeps recording studios in business.

"i just want to be a graphic designer, not a Photoshop expert" etc, other analogous statements

when you're talking about digital audio, "the computer" and the programming that makes it tick is quite literally the medium of the art. i get the frustration of the seemingly endless study that underlies a flashy hobby/career, but fighting computer proficiency in 2017 is sisyphean

i am conversant with a pretty large number of areas of employable computer skills and i owe it all to digital audio and the tertiary skills i picked up while learning it
using REAPER as host/arranger/sequencer to write instrumental beat music.
striving for a loop-based, controller-centric midi recording/editing workflow.
reluctantly switched to using Ableton for live performance and actually enjoying it
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