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At the risk of being premature... I think this is gonna be huge... (not 'just' the Houston, but this whole CS 'thing').

You may have to start finding a different use for that mouse of yours too...

Anyway, gimme a few more days.

I want to get some of the GUI-devs involved soon - I think we *need* an auto-updating plugin (that adds 'like' a VST-type plugin). Auto-updating? That's to show you what the keys do in the mode your in...

A plug-in that 'reflects' ones surface... either a mock-up or a photo-type bitmap... Press a 'special' button on the surface and voila - it's on screen.


Anyway, I'm on with the donkey work...

PM me if you're willing to spend some time learning some coding - it's really not that hard to do this stuff for what we're doing.


[Edit: Please feel free to do as much of the work as you can. With the 01X I'm already using keys that simply weren't available with 'X'... funny that... Oh! And don't forget about 'key-combinations'...]

[Edit2: Jot down some ideas - currently I'm assigning modes to do Take Handling, Item Nav., Pitch Control(etc), Punch In/Out, Window Nav, Marker and Region Nav, Zoom & Scroll Control, there's loads more too - but that bit of scrap paper isn't on the top of the pile... I'll link this thread to the one in General Discussion that has my original post for the 01X in a few days when I post the code and functionality.]
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