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Hi, HeDa.

Lovin' the script as in it has become a center piece in my mixing lately.
However, something is still buggin me.
It's the idea of freezing while retaining original midi content.
I've been able to do so by using a custom action for a while now, but it convolutes the the track.
Here is it in action:

It does everything I want (freeze-wise), whereas ...
- I have both both source midi and audio available
- I don't have to manage multiple tracks
- I can reposition the original midi by moving around the frozen pieces
- This can simultaneously be done on multiple tracks.

While I do like track versions, this here, I believe serves a somewhat different purpose. I can just quickly add items and freeze them, while keeping resources down, and continue writing other pieces that harmonize with others.

The only problem I have now is the hiding of the source midi when the track is in a frozen state.

Do you think you can somehow incorporate this workflow into the Track Inspector, maybe be even optional to allow freezing and retaining source midi?

- If hiding is problematic, it can maybe be put into a hidden track, like the Track Versions are done, but maybe in a track that is easily Identifiable from the MIDI editor (maybe named similar to the original track, but with a prefix or suffix or something).

Please consider it.

Much thanks.

Action List:

Freezing Action:
Transport: Go to start of project
Item: Select all items in track
Edit: Copy iems
Track: Freeze to stereo (render pre-fader, save/remove items and online FX)
Item: Select all items in track
Item properties: Unlock
Track: Set first selected track as last touched track
Item navigation: Move cursor to start of items
Track properties: Set free item positioning
Item: Paste items/tracks
Item: Remove FX for iem take
Item properties: Mute
Locking: Set full item locking mode
Item properties: Lock
Item: Select all items in tracks
Item: Auto-reposition items in free item positioning mode

And the Unfreezing:
Track: Unfreeze tracks(restore previously saved items and FX)
Track properties: Unset free item positioning

Request for Action (Show/Hide muted items):
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