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hi everybody. I'm sorry I've not been able to reply here before. I'm not yet fully back but just to tell you I'm still here.

Next version update will use dpMeterII instead. v1.1.8 or later. And new users won't need to create Loudness preset because it's already built-in in dpMeterII now.

mccrabney, each time you press the cycle action, can you tell me which action appears in the undo history window? I can detect those and add them so the script can refresh the track selection after these specific actions you use.

G-Sun Yes, it may be a good idea to distinguish sidechain sends, or sends that are not 1+2 channels in someway. Thanks for the idea. I didn't understand the other ideas about recieves, parent, vcas in tcp/mcp hide others , or send bin on/off. Could you explain it again please?
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