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Originally Posted by G-Sun View Post
Thank you for the beta2 Heda!

Focus, nice

Delay: Such a useful feature.
I miss double-click > 0
In fact, I had a hard time getting back to 0

Vol double-click: Not working here
easiest way is to remove the time adjustment JSFX by alt clicking it. But yes I can make it removed when double clicking in delay too.

Double click works for me. try double clicking faster. Let's see if that's the issue first.

Originally Posted by raiirock View Post
I want to duscuss strange ( in my opinion) behavior of pre-fx fader . Is it acts like a script to lower the volume of all items on track ? Because it feels strange when you lower pre fx volumee fader and he goes back to zero position and you dont know anymore how much are you lowered volume. Maybe im not right and this is just a workflow thing but please post your thoughts about it. Anyway, HeDa and other guys in in this thread thank you so much for make this script happen !
It works just as the TCP Volume Pre-fx envelope fader(or knob, depending on the theme). Except it works on all track ignoring time selection. This is to preserve any automation that you can have in the pre-fx envelope.
Thanks for your nice comments
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