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Default KEWL PADs!!!!

Originally Posted by hopi View Post
Say you have 3 diff VSTi's and you like some sounds in each and think you can do some sound design with them...

So you could set them up with one midi input sending the same notes to all three VSTi's and getting back the audio from all three to another single wav track. Do the mixing of volumes in the VSTi's so you are in affect, getting [say] a way cool pad made up them all.... you see?

Now you could make and save a project template of that and have it ready to load as your own "My KEWL PAD" instrument.... eh?
A video of this would so go viral.

I'm still trying to process the concept + it's composite elements + options... I can ALMOST picture it...

The pictures are a great touch, 1000 words and that... HD narrated screen capture @ even 10fps = enlightening!

This will be the third thing I try, after the second thing (RTM project vst's > wave?) ... the first being how to 'perform on channel 2,3 etc' from my 'midi controller' - a psr170 (midi->usb)

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