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There are a TON of good drum romplers out therre.
I have a Roland TD8 kit, also one of the original Korg NanpPads and use both regularly in projects.

My go-tos have always been EZDrummer1 and mre recently EZD2, plus a combination of Addictive Drums1/2 and Steven Slate Drums 4 Platinum (currently on sale)

In addition I have many third party drum romplers that use Kontakt and they all have their uses, but the most e-kit friendly ones I have found all seem to be from Toontrack. I ought Superior Drummer on a special sale and I have to say that once I learnt a LOT more about e-drumming, it does have a lot of stellar features if you are looking for realism, but a steep learning curve before you can fool real drummers.
Same goes for every other drum rompler as well.

At this time of year you can usually score a bargain but it would make sense to try the free versions which are available for most of these.

And the hardest part is getting your e-kit really dialled in with whatever software you choose. Just sorting out velocity curves that suit your playing is part art part science. Good luck.

Oh - and I am still a crap drummer!
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