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Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
Digging up an old thread, I know, but it seemed like the best place to ask:

Any thoughts as to why the Tripleplay plugin won't make any sound? The standalone app works fine, using it as a basic MIDI controller in Reaper works fine, and the plugin registers my playing... but won't make any sound. I know it's not the synth, since I can click Kontakt's keyboard and it works - Tripleplay doesn't seem to be passing my playing to the synth. I don't have any splits or anything going, nothing's muted.... so confused.
I forget and would have to check when I can. Did you change to or from hardware mode? I forget the name or how to do it but I know I have a post or thread around here explaining A) How to do what you want to do and B) any advantages. I don't remember the advantages being huge though.
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