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Well as i mentioned, the Yamaha HS7 don't have a knob for the lows, not the one i would like though.
It has EQ: HIGH TRIM switch (+/- 2dB at HF) / ROOM CONTROL switch (0/-2/-4 dB under 500Hz)
I get more options if i go buy their sub to match like the HS8S and that has a level knob atleast so.

I am using EQ now because of the lack of that knob yes, guess you could say that, but not because of the enviroment/room and what have we.
But i know that having them in a smaller room makes them sound "boomier" but that is not really what i need or why i boost the EQ now.
Good thing is that there is no need for any funny business like sweeping or stuff like that, just plain straight up 60hz will due and i go down with the 30hz just because i just raised something.

I just bought a keyboard and i am bringing some old dusty gear forward bacause of it, i will try to have a listen on the hardware solution also.
And i was suppose to get rid of as much hardware as much i could... *doh*
About your EQ thoughts, is that about the fact that some EQs "color" and some don't? in that case i hear you.
Is hardware EQs always better then software or soundcard EQs in general?



I promise, i am using the EQ as minimal as i can, i am not doing it to make the walls shake, only to help out in that little erea where the HS7 could use a little help.
The HS7 can handle it and Then some, kinda *doh* why Yamaha did not add that knob.. whish they did.
So.. since it does not have one and i obviously need/want one, what product would you get as a replacement for that if say i don't have any EQ at all at home, not even on the soundcard. ?
Like i said, it's only "60hz up/"30hz down so that would only require one knob? no need for anything fancy, just quality, and don't forget the pricetag! lol

Also, i understand the room/enviroment and good/bad treatement that this affects things.
My question is about EQ only straight up, so forget about the other factors for now.
Just emagine i am in the studio of perfection, im only asking about the use of an EQ.
No bas adding for the recording, just the missing knob EQ for the speakers itself at the final stage and what EQ or method would be the best.

All that said, i will take in all you have said around it and i will experiment more with the things as placement and rockwool and all that stuff later i am pretty sure that erea can be improoved.

Now i am curios about trying an hardware EQ, your fault!
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