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Originally Posted by shredingskin View Post
Yup, I got it, in the standalone soft you can load "hardware synth" then tweak it as you want, save it, put it in your user patches, put it in the first place and load it (you can have up to 200 patches loaded in hardware mode and scroll them with the UP DOWN buttons).

The thing is that for my style of playing I prefer trigger mode, because in any other bend option, legato is not recognized and it interpreted as a pitchbend.

Anyone else have this problem or how do you configure it ?
I apologize for not remembering the ins and outs but I swear I think you can do everything in hardware mode you are asking for without touching the TP software via undocumented button combinations. AKA by not using TP and using hardware mode to send MIDI directly to Reaper. Could be wrong though.
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