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Originally Posted by Soloist1 View Post
Maybe from now on you'll pay closer attention to product pricing on something you're anticipating. Your accusation of "last minute price hike" is laughable to those of us that have been following the development of the product for over a year.
I recently bought TP, after I thought that I wouldn't and that JO was a pretty good deal. I'm happy I did it.

But some of you guys are going too harsh on Telenator for his opinion, the price up of 100 dls for some software is the way they wanted to handle their economic approach, nothing else. They know midi guitars are a niche market since the 80s and know that roland is pretty much an active monopoly in this realm (and far more expensive than TP).

They choose the route of make a product more expensive, and they have all the right to do so, even if they think they can widen the market for a more massive approach (most know that this will not happen). They are just trying to make the most of a good product, there's not really that much to it. The guy is being a little too overboard, but it's his opinion.

Now about the TP, I think it's freaking great, it tracks fucking well, it's a very approchable piece of hardware and was handled pretty good IMO.

The installation is a little homemade, but it's easy enough, sturdy enough and portable enough to make it a good choice IMO. The only problem I had is that I couldn't put the hex in my regular guitar (a cheap charvel strato, but that is very close to me) because the strings were too low, and the pins for making them higher were all rusted

It's great that even in hardware mode you can use the configurations from the editor updating the firmware, that's something I didn't expected and is a great plus that makes me feel the guys put some thinking into it.

The software is flimsy, but I will use it in hardware mode, so it's not a problem for me, but for many others that were used to roland stuff are not convinced that it's really suited for live playing.

The USB dongle it's meh, not really top quality, but not that bad either (certainly no one was specting something made of titanium), but (like most big usb stuff) seems to be "hanging" from the computer more than being attached.

Originally Posted by viper-2 View Post
Does anyone here have working knowledge of both Jamorigin Midi guitar VST and the Fishman unit. I just got the JO Midi guitar vst and I am liking it a lot. Is this an improvement as far as tracking, etc...?
It works better, my guitars aren't in good shape so the sound is not as good and as "clean" as it should be. The TP tracks faster, doesn't trigger ghost notes as the JO, doesn't have problems with harmonics, tracks really well chords (any kind, not only the "harmonically good"), the PB is better and pretty much everything is a little bit better or a lot more better. It uses magnetic vibrations, not audio, so even when shredding triggers great.

I have a question that maybe someone here can answer.

I use the TP in hardware mode, but I don't seem to get pitchbend data on any channel, I looked into the manual but it doesn't say much (or at least I didn't read it well). Someone knows why is this ?
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