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Yep, had a hard time putting the guitar down once I got it installed and working.

Few problems on installation:

1)The Tune-O-matic bridge mount plate raised the action on my late 80's Ibanez AS80. The end pin plates would not reach the pin. The carved/curved top of the guitar gave me no flat surface to mount the controller directly to the top.

2) Hard tail Strat, the pickup wouldn't fit under the strings at all. Would have had to raise the action to an unacceptable level.

3) No way am I going to put tape on or modify in anyway any of my Les P's.

Mounted everything on my Alvarez Dove, acoustic, I have had since I was...well I have owned it for 37 years. Even with Elixir Nano Web 12-52 the thing worked great.

Thoughts: Showed up in Reaper as Midi in, worked like a charm. The radius of the pickup is set. Would have been better if you could have moved individual poles to match that of your bridge. Low battery = errant notes. Resting hand on bridge is a no no.

Although it works well with phosphorus bronze strings, non-ferrous, I will be trying the GHS White Bronze as suggested by Fishman.

Is this worth $399? If the notation software works like I hope then the combo of that & the hardware will be well worth it.

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