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At a closer look COUNT IN requires a more differentiated handling:

* The KK keyboard must replicate the behavior of Maschine for a good reason, i.e. pressing SHIFT & REC must enable COUNT IN, switch on the Metronome and start recording in Reaper. When pressing STOP on the keyboard or in Reaper's transport bar COUNT IN must be disabled and the metronome shall return to its last known state when count in was enabled. The COUNT IN button on the keyboard (SHIFT & REC) should not behave like a toggle or else the usage would be quite inconvenient.

* When setting count in via Reaper's UI (action or checkbox) pressing stop on the keyboard or in Reaper shall not change the state of count in. This addresses your previous concern, i.e. count in via Reaper UI shall have toggle behavior.

The above provides the best of both worlds irrespective of a KK keyboard connected or not. Will be implemented like that in the next release.
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