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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
It appears that just having this plugin installed causes count in to turn off when stopping record playback.

On the plus side I didn't know it existed because it was installed by accident, and now I'll have to check it out.
Thanks for reporting this! It is indeed the behavior I coded and thought would be most suitable for users of this keyboard. The idea is to replicate the behavior of other controllers like my Maschine 2.
However, v0.95 introduced a bug, I.e. having this behavior even if the keyboard is not connected. Will be fixed in next release v0.96.

But your comment made me think that users might prefer a different behavior even when the keyboard is connected: Would it be preferable if the COUNT IN button on the keyboard rather acted like a toggle switch leaving count in enabled even after the recording is stopped? Not sure... curious to hear opinions from others.
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