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Thank you very much for your reply Brummbear.

I do not get any error message when using the controller with Reaper.
Firmware and KK is up-to-date so not sure why 0.95 doesn't recognize the track instance but does for the rest of the controller (with exception of auto button in which none of the versions enable this)- It is recognizing the controller just not the Track Instance component.

Just to confirm my midi settings is correct for 0.95 (track instance works with the previous versions with these settings)
Options/Preferences/Midi Devices - "Komplete Kontrol MDaw" and "Komplete Kontrol M32 Midi" enabled for both midi input and midi output.
I am on Windows 10. I have also use most of the preference settings suggested in the reakontrol manual.

Any other insights most appreciated and I will of course keep trying any new version and happy to give feedback.

Again many thanks,
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