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Since I do not have an M32 to test with I can only speculate why you would find these issues.
While not impossible I would be surprised if NI would change the general protocol between S Mk2, A and M keyboards. Also, over time NI updates the driver and besides adding stuff (like MCU support) they should barely change anything in the protocol (they did change a command between NIHIA 1.8.7 and 1.8.8 but I am not aware of any command changes since then up until the current NIHIA 1.9.0). Unfortunately NI does not publish the proprietary protocol, hence everything is reverse engineering.

Is everything up to date on your end (firmware, KK incl drivers)?

I have a tiny update in the making for 0.96 but that is only code efficiency, i.e. even less CPU load than the minimal load ReaKontrol generates right now. Maybe you stay with 0.94 and wait until I release 0.96 and give that one a try then.

Or you could also try 0.95 again and restart the finicky NIHIA driver if you have an issue the the detection of the keyboard and get the error message as per updated manual. For your convenience I have added a script file on the github release page which makes restarting NIHIA more convenient: Create a shortcut to the script and place it on your desktop. Run the script as admin (can be set in the shortcut properties) and NIHIA will be restarted. Or you do it manually in task manager.
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