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Smile launching REAPER V6.2 BEFORE turning on the MKII S-61

Originally Posted by brummbear View Post
Sorry, Stevie, this is unrelated to Mk1. In fact I removed even the remainder of attempted support for Mk1 for this special test version. The test version only addresses instability in NI's driver software - it does not deal with protocol specifics. The latter is the reason why I cannot help with Mk1. It would take somebody with a Mk1 to fiddle with the protocol to make it work (I believe it won't be hard at all but you have to have a HW to play around with different things - maybe somebody feels inclined, not much coding experience is required just a bit of time I guess).

In next releases I probably have to drop the Mk1 bits from James Teh's attempts entirely and only focus on S-series Mk2, A series and M series...

Yesterday I did try launching REAPER V6.2 BEFORE turning on the MKII S-61 but it would NOT "Hot-swap" no matter how many times I would attempt to restart the mentioned NI-Service.. Worked "normally after a reboot though.. Just a follow up Note

Does those EDIT, PATTERN, TRACK, KEY, MODE, and CLEAR Buttons work, is there such a thing as a GOD.. Sorry I meant, MACHINE "Instrument KOMPLETE KONTROL Plugin? (I do not own that MACHINE hardware boxy thingy )

Sincerely, Carl..
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