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Update: I improved the special version.

It now also allows hot plugging the keyboard, i.e. you can switch on the keyboard after starting Reaper. More importantly you can now also restart the NIHostIntegrationAgent service in task manager while Reaper is running and showing the Message window stating that ReaKontrol could not connect to the keyboard. This should allow you to drill down the problem: If the message "Komplete Kontrol Keyboard detected but failed to connect. Try to restart NI services (NIHostIntegrationAgent, see manual)" appears go to Windows task manager and restart NIHostIntegrationAgent in the service tab. Then click OK in Reaper's message Window. Hopefully ReaKontrol can now connect to the keyboard.

With this I can always connect on my PC even if I deliberately crash the NI services beforehand and irrespective when I switch on the keyboard. Let me know your observations and I can hopefully integrate these findings into a new official release.
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