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Hi Carl, hi bzctoons,

I have created a special version of ReaKontrol which displays some diagnostic messages while establishing the connection between the keyboard / NI drivers and Reaper. You can find it here:

Please replace the original dll with this one and let me know what messages you receive (a console window will open and output how often ReaKontrol scanned for the MIDI device and how many connection attempts it made). If the connection can be established you will get a separate notification window after 1 second. If the keyboard (MIDI device) is detected but the connection cannot be established you will also get a separate corresponding notification window.

The functionality of ReaKontrol is unchanged relative to version 0.94. Only diagnostic output is added.

My suspicion is that the problem lies in Native's NIHostIntegrationAgent Service, possibly how it acts in you specific Windows/USB port environment. The diagnostic data should provide more clues.
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