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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Suppo0sedly you need to tell ReaPack that you don't want this software any more (i.e. "Display->Installed" get rid of the "i" in front of the package's line by right click and select "uninstall").
Thanks Micheal. When I said I've uninstalled it, that is what I meant. I clicked on Reakontrol in the reapack browse menu, selected 'uninstall' and hit apply. It does uninstall it, but synchronising Reapack brings it back every time (even if the actual reaper-kontrol file is deleted)... perhaps I'm misunderstanding what 'synchronise' is meant to do, I was under the impression it just runs through and checks you've got the latest versions of all installed scripts and installs anything that's missing, but I assume it shouldn't be installing something that's been previously uninstalled.

Could very well be a Reapack issue and nothing to do with ReaKontrol - but I've uninstalled scripts/plugins via reapack and haven't noticed them reappearing.
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