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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Just a slightly related question to the experts:

Is the NIHostIntegrationAgent and / or ReaKontrol only really viable for "S" keyboards or also for "A"s ?

I recommended an A49 to a friend of mine, and would like to have him use the Controls with Reaper.

As he is very up to speed with software and Reaper, he also could do the configuration files for CSI, if it's possible to get the communication between CSWI and the keyboard decently going.

Thanks !
I have not tested ReaKontrol with A or M series, but it should also work (obviously with less functions due to the reduced HW features in the keyboard itself).

And of course your friend can also use all the other modes available:
- Out of the box it should support the MCU protocol for transport (although NI only implemented the bare minimum). Use it directly with Reaper's built in MCU support or route it through CSI.
- he can use the extended NI MIDI and SysEx commands by sending the HELLO command to the keyboard. In that case MCU is disabled but he has more control over how to use the buttons. Again, can route it through CSI. Requires understanding NI's proprietary protocol which is easy if he looks up the sources on Github
- he can also use another plugin extension "Driven by Moss" which offers similar functionality like ReaKontrol.

It depends on what he wants to achieve. In my opinion the NI keyboards really shine in combination with the Komplete Kontrol VST and Instance Focus. It is such a great workflow, even if the HW itself (like keybed etc) may only be average.
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