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[QUOTE=brummbear;2150475]... moving this into the proper subforum (some history is here:

ReaKontrol Plugin Extension for Reaper
Deep DAW Integration going beyond MCU:

Fantastic work

Renewed my REAPER License after REAPER V6 where released.. I've been using MAGIX Pro X4 SUITE and it's dual engines (I.E BlowTools.)
However PRO X4 won't even perform w/o clicks, pops and other mischief, using ONE intance of Komplete Kontrol / 16 VI's.. (Which is unacceptable on my 64MB 16 Core RYZEN Threadripper System)

RE-Enter REAPER V6(+) because I cannot for the life in me make it pop and click despite running 16 tracks with 16 Instances of KOMPLETE KONTROL / KONTAKT 5's!

Today I found REAPER_KONTROL.dll, simply installed it in C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\REAPER\User Plugins and VOILA! FINALLY Mixer, Transport, Metro/Tempo etc functionality!

One thing I find strange however, which is a couple of days ago, whilst "setting it "all" up..

Komplete KonrolDAW -1 thing disappeared, never to be seen again.. That is until I uninstalled REAPER using REVO Uninstaller PRO and re installed it again.. But now if I activated MIDI IN/OUT for KOMPLETE KONTROL -1 / KOMPLETE KONTROL EXT-1 I got a popup telling me it could not be activated.. Despite the fact it WORKED?

Anyways, it seems to be back to "normal" right now and I've read somewhere NOT to activate the KonrolDAW -1 Thing? and it works fine so far.. That is until I restarted REAPER and my Kontrol MK-II, which seemed to work again after rebooting..

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