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Originally Posted by bzctoons View Post
I want to make the mixer button runs Native Instrumenet S49 Mkii(Firmware 0.5.9) / reaper 6.02
I checked :
- the name of the device Komplete Kontrol DAW - 1, which is disabled in input and output
- the DLL is inside reaper's userplugins folder
- I restarted the NI services
But no transport or mixer feature appears
Any clue ?
If you went through the steps described here
then I am running out of ideas what the issue could be. NIHIA is unfortunately known to behave erratically (affects all other DAWs too of course).

One (remote) possibility might be related to multi threading and resulting timing: Since ReaKontrol is registered as a "behind the scenes" control surface instance immediately after starting reaper maybe Reaper (or Windows) has not yet enlisted your MIDI device "Komplete Kontrol DAW - 1" if scanning for MIDI devices runs in another thread that finished after ReaKontrol checks for the presence of the keyboard..... I could try to change this in a future release, i.e. make the user register ReaKontrol manually under Control Surfaces rather than having this happen automatically.
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