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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
To support as well standard "Control Surface" workflow, as versatile live playing workflow, it would be best to have a Reaper extension that implements a decent (propriety) bidirectional Midi protocol for all this stuff and creates a virtual Miidi device in Reaper (accessible in the preferences setup) that as well CSI as any tracks (holding JSFX plugins for processing / generating Midi in a versatile way) can attach to.

The MIDI device you are suggesting here already exists: It is “Komplete Kontrol DAW - 1” (or “Komplete Kontrol A DAW” or “Komplete Kontrol M DAW” on other keyboard versions). As stated earlier you can use it with CSI, JSFX or anything else you like. You only have to send the HELLO command to NIHIA and off you go. NIHIA implements the MIDI protocol you are talking about, no need to create any additional layer. There is nothing to gain.
ReaKontrol makes extensive use of Reaper's API to then do special things like instance focus. But it still uses just the simple MIDI protocol (CC and SysEx) to communicate with the keyboard.
BTW: Instance Focus is one of the features that make this keyboard so nice for live play. I used to use LiveConfigs (just like you do) to control many instruments with one keyboard. But I find Instance focus much more convenient, especially thanks to the keyboard's displays. LiveConfigs is still useful for special stuff but for simply controlling multiple instruments I find Instance Focus infinitely better. For LiveConfigs I use a dedicated foot controller and a Beatstep, the keyboard does not have enough buttons to spare. But thanks to ReaKontrol I barely need LiveConfigs anymore: most of the time I simply need to control multiple instruments and not anything more complicated.
For the creative part of looping (when you layer individual scenes) ReaKontrol comes in handy as it allows to add/remove tracks, change loop lengths, record and remove takes etc without ever moving away from the keyboard. Ideally, you have all your SW instruments converted to NKS (can also be done for non NI stuff) - then playing, looping and browsing becomes one flow without ever looking at a computer screen. I frequently find myself for hours on the keyboard sketching together themes to then find that the computer screens of the PC went dark because I never touched the keyboard or mouse once.
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