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Default REAMenu woes - where are my extensions?

I've working through the reaper & reapack u.guides, and struggling with my menu's.

Haven't started configuring my own (yet), have the ReaMenu pack and don't know if I've removed some things I need, or if I'm just doing it wrong.

I tried keeping another reaper copy (with default config), but whichever reaper.exe I launch has the menuset in my roaming userpath

Open the Package Browser from the Extensions > ReaPack > Browse packages menu entry:
- I can't see Extensions... I can find the 'reapack' actions,in the Action 'Editor' but.. aren't any menu's created by default? Just a bit confused by the quoted reference)

I searched reaper-menu.ini for "extensions" / "reapack"...

(It opened after a reaper restart, I enabled some repo's... then my laptop blue-screened again, so I've re-launched Reaper, now looking for menu entries, as usual).

Can someone please clarify this total noob q?

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