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Originally Posted by ultraleetj View Post
will be brief
First and only post on thread unless something happens that involves me directly.

I am a Blind coputer user, in love with reaper, even bought reaMix as suggested, responsible for the updating and maintenance of the site, a musician by conviction and discipline, trying to improve everyday.
I love contributing and helping others and that is precisely why I decided to bring reaper documentation for the blind on the site at no cost-its a way of giving back. And probably the OP of this thread resonates with the thought that there is a bit of living in giving and sharing with others.

Regarding the thread
read this ALL, of course plan to go back over and over. Laughed, had a blast, thought for a while, everything in between, what a great community tthe outstanding 40% of posters who managed to stay on point and contributed with the pdf's... that 40% counts with all of my suppport and admiration (not being excludng but hey, sometimes you gotta give deserved recognition). This truly inspires. Too bad the amazing discussion ended up so abruptly and in such a missleading way from page 45 or so onwards.
One thin missing from the pdf, which I got a kick out of and even though I understood what it was before reading the post but its essential to include it, please please.
if its too late for it to be added, its understandable but its nice, and I'm just trying to save newcomers to this thread some time here. Searching the reaper stash for "yep" is satisfactory, as well as for an acronym made with the title of this thread, "wdyrsla"

a friend who is a sound engineer with a finished career and I (a blockhead who has finished his degree in jazz piano performance and a master in unniversity education) thank you sincerely and forever, and will re-read this ALL of the time. We usually hang out to share and learn from each other (I teach him musical harmony,mostly--he teaches me mixing and recording and concepts are so intertwined its almost pure bliss) and this is a tremendous companion. All of you can envy us with rage all you want from this moment on.
May you, yep and all of the wonderful contributors find success, delight and a bit of life in every single of your upcoming endeavours! I wish nothing more.
Sorry I missed this, but I'm really glad to hear that this might have been helpful to blind users of a DAW like REAPER.

Music and audio are art forms where the blind can not only fully participate, but may even have advantages over the sighted. But as music creation and recording becomes more and more focused around computers and software with visual interfaces, I hope we are not creating barriers for people who rely on other senses.
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