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Originally Posted by Totoro75 View Post
Do you have any recommendations on where to start with these if you want to add some life to a tight metal style riff?
Use the same techniques, but try different things:
1) High- or low-pass the signal coming out of the monitors; try anything from 80Hz to 8000Hz, going in either/both directions. If it sounds good, it is good. Experiment.
2) (Gently!) cover the tweeter on your monitor with your hand, allowing only the woofer to broadcast the guitar sound into the room/mic. Experiment.
3) If you have a metal trash can, or a cymbal, or something metallic and resonant, put it between the mic and the monitor. Experiment.

Basically, get creative. Look around you; there's probably something within 10 feet of you right now that could be exactly what you need to bring that bland guitar tone to life. It will most likely be something really subtle, as metal guitars tend to be fairly focused and in-your-face, but just a little bit of resonance could be just what the doctor ordered.

Good luck, and have fun. That's what it's about, right?
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