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Originally Posted by yep View Post
Tuning a guitar to an "E" (or any other) chord is categorically incorrect. Just as it would be grossly incorrect to "tune" a piano to sound perfectly consonant at a particular chord.

At this point I cannot tell whether you are genuinely unaware of how tuning a guitar works, or just being obstinate.

With equal-tempered tuning, chords are not SUPPOSED to sound perfectly "in tune", there is (for good or for ill), supposed to be some amount of dissonance and "imperfection" in the intervals. The whole idea of equal temperament is to facility the ability to change keys by "spreading out" or "averaging" the imperfections.

Pointing to a just-tempered E chord (or any other) as proof that a guitar can never be "in tune" is flatly wrong. A just-tempered chord would in fact be OUT of tune with every other instrument: horns, pianos, harmonicas, synthesizers, etc. "Tuning" a guitar to an E chord or any other is doing it wrong.
Shep is exactly correct and so are you because you are both saying the exact same thing. Not tuning the guitar to equal temperment will cause the problem shep described. "Tuning to an E chord" is the opposite of using equal temperment.

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