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Originally Posted by PitchSlap View Post
Here's why:

If you're sending MIDI to a VSTi on another track, the fader is currently useless and a complete waste of space.

Also MIDI volume in any multisampled VSTi is going to change the texture of the sound (different sample layers being triggered) whereas the audio volume only changes the output volume.

Also it seems like many of the people who are voting no, want the same thing as those voting yes and much of this argument is semantic.
Well. Volume shouldn't change the timbre. Velocity should.

I agree that a lot of people voting no should be voting yes....

If you "just want an inspector" ... that would be a YES vote, because, presumably that inspector wouldn't be on every track, it would just be on "enhanced" midi tracks...(and the primary thing "enhanced" about them could easily be that they have an inspector).

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