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Originally Posted by SmajjL View Post
Stumbled on this and just doing my forum duty.
While I do have and love playing SWAM instruments, I think its unfair of Stefano to (near the start of the video) claim that sample based instruments e.g. need to have vibrato sampled with the sound. I also have sample based (in fact Kontakt based) instruments by Sample Modeling, and here the vibrato and other articulations are done by algorithmic "tweaking" of (modeling) the samples in realtime.

Both types of sound engine do have pros and cons, but simple stuff like vibrato is not a problem with either.

But there are important awesome things they did not cover in the video. E.g the possibility to play Swam (and Sample Modeling) strings with a Seaboard. Here you do the vibrato by finger wiggling like with a real String instrument.


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