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Originally Posted by Ideosound View Post
This whole moving to ARM chips talk is probably only for mobile devices like macbooks. Since the new Mac Pro is on Intel. Obviously, if Apple creates something that does suddenly stop new installs then people can still use working OS versions for years later on their hacks. The T2 chip, will probably make things difficult but there are some very clever and dedicated hackers that will just see that as a fun challenge to get past it. Everything else so far has been bypassed.
I'd imagine you're correct that Apple will switch the laptop and mini to ARM first, but I'm sure they're interested in ARM based server processors for Mac Pro and iMac Pro and do not want to fragment MacOS for too long. They'll likely want to make the transition as quickly as possible as they did when switching from RISC to Intel. It's kind of funny that they're switching back to RISC from CISC. That said, it will be a few years until they're ready to switch desktops over besides the mini.
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