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Originally Posted by serr View Post

Something like this might bring me back:

MacBook Pro
- overhauled cooling
- 3.something GHz CPU at least (with boost speeds up to 4 or 5)
- if that first point was taken seriously... then maybe we can talk about a 2nd higher powered GPU
- 2 M.2 slots
- 1 2.5" SATA bay
- bring back all the cost reduced features lost like the Magsafe power port, screen shield, and functional and elegant keyboard.
- Absolutely no CIA level security features designed to brick the machine at the slightest hint of service or mods by any 3rd party.
- 2 choices for RAM: Either slots or solder the max supported RAM to the board (and it BETTER not ever fail - so get your reliability testing on! - and no price gouging! Treat it as an aside.) Probably should go for slots.

And then a version of the new Mac Pro without the security crippling.

Then start putting some time into finishing releases of OSX! Go to every other year release if needed. Let's get back to where 10.6.8 left off please!
This is why I'm leaving Apple computer products. Louis Rossman has a new vid up on a bricked MacBook pro that Apple wouldn't repair. I love the OS and I've had good luck with my iMacs but if I can't repair, or get it repaired I'm not interested.
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