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Originally Posted by sjs94704 View Post
I just went and played back a practice run through on of my songs and it sounds like I will need to ride the faders on the music itself vs. the vocal.

I say this because I have it set so that the music sits at about -18 at the loudest parts of the song. So, that means that I'll have to bring up the volume of the softer parts of the song.

I guess that now that I am paying attention to that I can hear it more.
I don't worry about the DB levels on the individual tracks but instead just get the mix sounding the way I want and then on the master effects I adjust the gain up or down to get that lufs level that I want. the tracks themselves are not going to clip and have plenty of hheadroom so all I worry about is setting my output limiter to -0.2 DB and adjusting the master effects gain as needed
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