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Originally Posted by sjs94704 View Post
So, I just went and read at least most of these threads (at least enough to get the idea). I then pulled up my song "Evergreen" by Barbra Streisand.

My Lead Vocal Started out with:

1. EQ
2: reaComp
3: Waves Tune Real-Time

I just cut the reaComp out of the chain and am getting a good sound. The waveform is not too crazy all over the place

I'm guessing that I should ride the faders only if and when I think I should, right? I pulled up a few videos on 'Riding the Faders', and in the examples they used, it may have been for the sake of providing an example, but, the spots where they were riding the faders there were very obvious volume differences.
The way I do it as I get all of the other parts of the song working including Rhythm Section solos and miscellaneous percussion sounds. Everything except background harmonies and lead vocals. Then I put the fader in latch mode for the vocal and ride it until it is exactly sitting just above the mix slightly and then I do the same thing for the background vocals putting them wherever they need to sound right.

This way your vocal sits just on top of the mix slightly and it's always peeking out without ever being too loud. In latch mode I can set it up over certain sections and just keep looping over until I get it exactly how I want it and then move on to the next section and loop over that if needed.

Usually I do a first run-through with no loops and latch mode. Then for small tweaks I switch to touch mode because then after I let go of the fader it goes right back to where it was. I also have a toolbar on the left side right next to the tracks that have buttons for all the modes and more so that all I have to do is Select my track and select the button for the mode and I'm good to go and then when I'm done I select the button for read mode and I'm back and everything doing it's magic.

I also have my keyboard shortcut letter R set to the reaper action to reduce the number of points in an envelope and as I go through Section by section I will highlight all of the envelope points and keep pressing R to get just the points I need. Reaper writes a ton of envelope points and it's just way too many for me. I wish there was a setting to cause Reaper to write many fewer points during automation

Use your ears and mix at the volume you think others will be listening to your mix at and you'll get it right every time.
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