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I think what we really need is a positive way to fix a corrupted Reaper, complete with the steps to do that.

2 Days ago, Reaper did a "Not responding" thing on my 4 times in 3 hours, 2 of those times Kontakt was not showing.

Today after I opened the first project of the day, I played it 3 times without doing anything else and on the 3rd play, it did the "Not responding" thing, this time Kontakt was open but I hadn't touched it yet.

I don't know what this could be except for a corrupted Reaper ini file or exe file?

Could it be in my configuration file? I've got several portable installs, but I only 2 of which are my main ones that I use all the time. They both have the same configuration, could that be it? I have tried exporting the configuration in pieces and then importing them into a clean portable install a piece at a time, but I didn't get anywhere with that either.

Ha ha, please forgive me, I'm having one of those "errrraagh" moments.
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