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Originally Posted by Tod View Post
Hi Daniele, when you tried the portable install did you import a configuration file first?

No it was pure and clean but wait a minute...

I did another test right now, I deleted REAPER folder (after a backup) and leave the main installation recreate it, then, from the backup, I copied REAPER.ini and reaper-vstplugins64.ini and reaper-vstshells64.ini to not have to scan my plugins again.

I did some tests and IT WORKED!!

Now Kontakt loads smoothly, the project loads in less than 6 minutes and even the VST3 version of VEP7 main plugin loads instantly.

There is something in my REAPER folder that is causing this massive slow down but I don't know what it is.

Now I could try to import one file at a time to understand what is causing the issue.

Some time ago after a Windows Update my Reaper stop playing correctly and I discovered that by deleting and recreating the reaper-midihw.ini the problem was solved, maybe I could try with this at first.

Something went broken at some point in my PC history, I have to find out what's happened, any ideas?
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