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Originally Posted by hopi View Post
it 'could' take a long time for a big project with many large kontakt lib's in it to load... but 15 min's does seem kind of long
The question to ask is what is taking that time?
IF it is in fact Kontakt loading it's lib's ...maybe from a slow HD then a simple test would help:

create a new project with maybe three tracks that have kontakt on them but don't load anything into kontakt

Save that and reload that and see what you get.

Also... are you using Save as to first save the project with the two lower left check boxes checked? So it gets saved to it's own folder with everything inside that folder? IF not, do that

I'll try it but see my other post here, I'm also having problems loading libraries inside Kontakt (inside Reaper) while in standalone it works smoothly.

I noticed that it is very very slow with every plugin inside the project, it takes long to load Ozone plugins, Reverbs, SWAM instruments, Kontakt instruments etc...and I remember it wasn't so slow but I'm not able to catch what's changed that could cause this issues...

I don't understand what it is, Windows update? A Reaper update? Some curse from some ancient dead pirate?

In the last period I'm having issues with pretty much everything.

The only thing I remember is I installed VEP7 but I don't think how it could be its fault.

What the...


Oh I forgot to mention that I already check the boxes you talk about.
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