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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
What you are going to use as a controller?
Anything. Buttons, faders, joysticks (also pots, but two of them). The only thing I haven't figured out, is 3D. Height. There doesn't seem to be an obvious candidate for it. A 3D mouse exists, but is rather impractical, as you have to lift it to get height feedback. Pressure sensitive touch could be used, but I've ruled out touch as way too expensive and besides, most people already have a phone or a pad.

The solution I am writing about is way simpler:
* take any mouse (wired / wireless)
* explain Windows it is NOT a mouse (technically tricky, but there is "one click" utility for that)
* put csurf Reaper extension in place (that part I am writing now...)
* assign actions
* make music
I've tried that, albeit on a Mac. It's very easy to convince the OS to do something other with it. I've used the power button on a Macbook as start/stop for recording, fi. But not all software can be controlled that way, because you need kb codes that aren't in use. And mostly, these are ignored in the software. Of course, Reaper could be the exception.

One of the demands I've set myself, is that the controller should work with most software, not only Reaper, but also TotalMix, or even Audacity.

The hardware I've got lined up:

- An ADR digital fader. One fader, one pot, 6 buttons with a LED each.
- A 16 channel Tascam with 16 motorized faders, 16 encoders and 48 buttons. I would also like to add 16 meters. And I'm dreaming about 16 digitally controlled preamps. But if there are preamps in it, it's no longer a controller

Those are about the two extremes.

The first should be easy, even with the limited GPIO of the ESP8266. Two AD's, 6 digital in, 6 digital out.

The second one depends on how much I can recuperate from the Tascam SX1 if it turns out to be impossible to get it reliably working...
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