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Default Everything U want....Everything!!!

Templates in Cockos is a game changer by itself. I only know ONE DAW capable of doing this kind of template thing : Ableton but at a higher level (no-no don't laugh...).

So yes : U can set up a track (audio or MIDI...) put in Ur favorite MIDI Fx, VSTi (several U can bypass in case of...), several VST Fx, U can set up one or more items in this Track Audio (samples, loop everything U want...), U can Name it, Tint it etc-ect and save it as a template track Ok!!

But That's not ALL bro...FAR FROM IT!!!

U can save several tracks this way!! I tell U....U set up Ur Tracks the way U want them to be and save them as a template....Of course, in the file menu U can save a Project as a template so U got a whole session ready to go!!

But what if Ur client want to add a Trap Beat like in the bridge instead of his accoustic drum break he gave U firts? hu? So U got to set up a whole Trap drum kit as a template!! How can U do that? It's simple : set this all up let's say 16 audio tracks with 4 different Aux Fx tracks for Reverbs (Left and right x 2, long and slppy reverbs for example...), 4-6 tracks for Hits and Fx rise up or anything else, tint Ur tracks for visual ID, put Ur Fx on every tracks, Ur default channel strip (Eq, comp and Eq and filters and so on...), bypass them or not the way you want it, set a sampler (Reasamplomatic I don't remember the name...) to receive a midi note via the ReaControlMIDI Fx, set a MIDI track to send MIDI notes to these Tracks so U can do Ur patterns in this MIDI track put all these tracks in a Folder track, U can put Ur Aux Fx tracks off this Folder track if U want to....tint everything, make a lil' pattern, set Ur favorite enveloppe tracks and ...voilą!! Save the whole thing as a template...
And the, when a client want U to make a drum track, U just have to get Ur browser (dock it and set some screensets...another story....), get the 'track template link and here U got it : dbl click or Drag&Drop and the whole thing is ready to go...
U can do tempaltes for everything U want...

Another TIP is the ability to "apply" a template to existing tracks : let's assume U got a session with 40 tracks and U got a set of template tracks for example, one for vocals, lead vocal, BG vocals, Electric bass, one for every drum elemnt (toms, snares, Kick, Hhats, cym....), KBoards etc-ect...U can use the Ressources window (call it via the "view menu" if I'm correct...), set the "apply to semected tracks" mode and U just got to select Ur target tracks and dbl-clicl on the template and the target tracks get the settings of Ur template....

I garanty U : spend some times understanding the tools Reaper has for every producer or mixing technician and U'll get a workflow U were dreaming at before....

Believe me

If U have questions I'll be glad to give U an answer in the limit of my knowledge of course.....
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