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I'm not sure what you mean exactly. When you're in Maschine Controller Mode, the buttons SCENE, PATTERN, PAD MODE, etc... are all pre-configured as CC #'s. If you go into Reaper's Actions (hit the ? as a shortcut to get to it)... you should be able to assign any of those CC buttons to an action in Reaper.

What would greatly help is OPEN Maschine's Controller Mode Editor, and you can see which numbers and which buttons are assigned on the Maschine hardware. From there, just go into the Actions menu, and find the action you want, and then hit "Add" - and it waits for you to hit a button (it's basically MIDI LEARN)... and then Reaper remembers that that button becomes that action in Reaper.

That's the best I can explain it. You might want to use the search engine in this forum to get more help.
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