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No clue man... your best bet is to hit up the Native Instruments forum. I'm sure one of the mods could help you solve your problem.

Re: my video... I worked on it a lot tonight.... it is so frustrating... CamStudio is really annoying to use.... I can't get normal-volume audio AT ALL... it's ridiculously quiet, and I'm using a good audio interface (M-Audio Delta 66 with OMNI I/O preamp box)...

Can anyone possibly give me some tips on how to do screencasts with audio?

Here's what I did:

one camera was showing my button presses on Maschine

CamStudio was recording Reaper and my mouse movements.

But... no audio during my talking part of my tutorial (well, audio... but RIDICULOUSLY LOW) basically useless audio... sigh.

So I don't know...

Argh. I think it might just be easier to give you guys
1. the Maschine project (with all samples contained)
2. The Reaper ProjectTemplate
3. Maschine's controller map file for Midi Control mode.

All you really have to do on your own is set Reaper's ACTIONS (as I wrote in the OP)... it's a little time-consuming, but not that difficult. You just have to search for each command, and then press the Maschine button or turn the Maschine knob that corresponds.

I'll keep working on this... I'll certainly try.

One video I got that's useful is me throwing together improv hip-hop loops using groups A through H... A being the kit. I just time-selected various measures in Reaper... and copied my beat... and just created random MPC-style chops over the beat... it's useful. For audio, I just ran the live audio into Sound Forge and thankfully it picked up everything I did, as I was building the loops. CamStudio sure didn't. haha. No problem syncing later, but yeah, the main part of my tutorial when I was talking about how the template and Maschine controller work together... well, that's all useless...

Sigh. I'll give it another go tomorrow....

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