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Originally Posted by Stringer View Post
I managed to install Reaper in Linux Mint 18.3. It looks like it is working, but I am running Pulseaudio and I am having trouble figuring out how to install Jack. (It is a little hard to do a search on "Jack" because the name can mean many things.) I am too new to the command line to be comfortable with all of the stuff that needs to be done, I guess. There is Jack 1 and Jack 2, and they seem to be having a dispute about which one is better. Also, there are numerous packages and addons. It is unclear what is necessary and what is not. It also seems that while it is possible to run Pulseaudio and Jack/Alsa at the same time, there are lots of possible conflicts and it is difficult to set up. I have read lots of messages and watched some truly confusing videos, but so far my conclusion is that I probably should just keep dual booting Win7. Is there an easy way to installing Jack and getting it to work?

Another problem is that I have a Steinberg UR44. I am not sure how to get Linux Mint to recognize it.
A good tip is to search for jackd. Though there is so much outdated information that it's hard to make heads and tails of it..

Just note, that you don't need JACK you can also use ALSA directly with reaper.

Edit: Just looked at your device documentation, there is a CC mode switch on the back of the device, set that to on to use with Linux. Note that you probably have to switch it off when you boot back into Windows/OS/X
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