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Originally Posted by _Stevie_ View Post
I was trying to sync my video machine with Reaper. But unfortunately Reaper only sends Start and stop, no frame nudging or forward/rewind with picture. I guess as long as Reaper does not support this natively, a OSC -> MMC translation isn't possible.
If you sync with MTC then that happens. Nothing is sent if you just move the cursor. MMC should work but reaper doesn't support it natively.

However I have checked listening to the OSC messages from reaper and it does seem to send a frame update when moving the cursor even when not playing.

So in theory converting to MMC goto/locate messages should work better than using MTC.

Moving the cursor in reaper when project stopped still produces frame updates in OSC.

06.01.2018 14:56:49 - [9000] /time ,f 3.15286
06.01.2018 14:56:49 - [9000] /time/str ,s 0:03.152
06.01.2018 14:56:49 - [9000] /beat/str ,s 2.3.31
06.01.2018 14:56:49 - [9000] /samples ,f 151337
06.01.2018 14:56:49 - [9000] /samples/str ,s 151337
06.01.2018 14:56:49 - [9000] /frames/str ,s 0:00:03:03
Convert NLE XMLs to RPP.

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